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Madame Lochard can custom make any design to accomodate your unique vision. A past master at choosing and sourcing materials, (she uses the secret handshake of the fabric district) and with a well honed consultation and design flow, you will have your cherished item in your hand quicker than you can say "Calvin who?"

You may take the ideas presented here at as a starting point. Feel free to utilize your imaginations! Mdm Lochard's experienced hands will deftly see you through to the realization of your furthest fetched fantasies!

If you would like to commision M. Lochard for a project, please take the time to fill out a custom quote form and we will be delighted to start a consultation. Discretion and courtesy assured.

M. Lochard

... Clothing, Headbands,Furniture, courageous solutions with attention to detail ...

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Bespoke work

Bespoke is usually a British English term for tailored clothing made at a customer's behest, and exactly to the customer's specification. Bespoke clothing is created without use of a pre-existing pattern, differentiating it from made to measure, which alters a standard-sized pattern to fit the customer.

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